Cosmetic Dentists in Granada Hills

What do you think of when you hear the term “cosmetic dentists”? Many patients consider the practice exclusive to teeth. However, it actually covers each of the treatments which help the oral cavity. Processes like teeth whitening and veneer placement over cracked teeth quick fixes which are popular because these readily remedy dental conditions and stained teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry is Not All Dental

One of the misconceptions is that most treatments which are dental are only meant to enhance the condition of the teeth. What is often overlooked prior to a dental consultation is that oral health is related with the right jaw alignment as well. Cosmetic dentistry ties in various places to provide you with a treatment that is holistic to ensure a better well-being.

Cosmetic Dentists and Appropriate Jaw Alignment

A main point to note is that incorrect jaw alignment leads to a number of oral health issues. Individuals who are afflicted with a misaligned jaw often have facial features which are definitely not amorphous, and at times experience difficulty in verbal communication, chewing food, as well as breathing. In extraordinary cases, pain results from the misalignment in the jaw as well as the encompassing areas. Unless treated, the condition will worsen. Oftentimes this results in tooth damage, decay and even loss.

Temporomandibular Disease

Malocclusion might be inherited, but also, it might be shifting teeth due to extractions, harm to the teeth, or disease. The alignment of the jaw is affected in the TMJ or the temporomandibular joint. This joins the base of the lower jawbone as well as the skull together, and any stress put on it will go towards other areas of the head. Our cosmetic dentists in Granada Hills will recommend the appropriate corrective processes. While correction times depend on the current state of your condition, you should expect your treatment to continue for at least a couple of years as your jawbone and your teeth are coaxed into proper alignment with braces. Additionally, bridges and dental implants may also be considered to replace teeth that are missing.

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