Dental Implants in Chatsworth

Losing a tooth is okay for a six-year old child. However, if the individual experiencing tooth loss is an adult, the situation can be very humiliating. To be precise, it is emotionally and physically devastating, particularly when the damage has got to do with all the front row. Fair or not, there is a tremendous lack of self-esteem and trust for people who are missing front teeth. Making matters worse is the reality that you are unable to regrow a tooth to replace it.

A lost tooth could be the result of an accidental injury or a dental disease. Removable dentures or a rigid bridge are among the standard repairs for missing teeth. However, the anxiety about a denture unexpectedly falling out and the discomfort caused by an improperly fitted bridge when eating or drinking can cause many burdensome issues. Nevertheless, you need not despair. Dental implants are an ideal solution for missing teeth. The popularity of dental implants is indeed increasing.

Why Opt for Dental Implants?

Many people, particularly the older ones, dismiss the thought of having implants fitted because they no longer place as great an emphasis on their looks. Nonetheless, dental implants perform functions well beyond just aesthetics. They have a practical function also.

For one, dental implants may make a positive influence on your overall facial structure. Immediately after the loss the bone that anchored it begins to recess. As you may know, the loss of facial bone leads to a lower muscle mass which causes the skin to sag. Also, the other teeth move in the direction of the gap to add.

For instance, the appearance of hollow cheeks usually results from the loss of multiple teeth. Fitting an implant will prevent bone loss and flaws. Additionally, these underlying bone structures and muscles will be fortified by the use of dental implants.

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