Dental Implants in Northridge

Tooth loss is not uncommon in the modern world. Many people lose teeth due to injury, others as a result of poor dental hygiene and others as a result of genetics. The good news for Northridge residents is that our dental professionals are able to combat tooth loss with dental implants in Northridge.

The fact is that dental implants have become much more popular these past couple of years. Implants need the opening that missing teeth create to fill. Therefore, if a tooth is decayed beyond repair, it will need to be removed prior to the insertion of a dental implant.

These dental implants sustain the surrounding teeth since they do not have to be removed as do dentures. Once in a patient’s mouth, a dental implant can bring speech back to normal and help keep the natural aesthetics of the face in place.

Individuals should understand however, that not everybody is a perfect candidate for dental implants. For instance, an individual who has experienced major jawbone loss should not be instructed to go with this option. The very best candidates have sturdy and healthy jawbones with impeccable oral hygiene. Furthermore, smokers who have any amount of health ailments ought to be skeptical of consenting to the dental implant procedure without thoroughly analyzing their choices.

Expectations for Dental Implants

Step one is the implantation of the titanium rod to behave as the implant’s backing. This rod goes immediately into the jaw bone and can require 3 months to affix to the bone firmly.

When that measure is done, an abutment that will hold the implant is created by our periodontist. In this period our periodontist will take a form of your mouth and set a temporary crown in the position of the implant that will remain until the last tooth is prepared to be added.

Nevertheless, it isn’t as simple as crafting a brand new tooth and planting it. Rather, our periodontist will assess your teeth to make sure that size, the color as well as contour are an exact match. One of the reasons why dental implants are so popular is because the look so natural and are undetectable.

Once the process has been completed, our patients get routine checkups with no particular attention to be taken for the implant. This means that you can eat corn of the cob, apples, brush, floss and use mouthwash.

Dental implants are quickly becoming a vastly preferred alternative to dentures. This is due to the fact that they function and look like your natural teeth.

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