Full Mouth Reconstruction in Chatsworth

No person on earth, or in Chatsworth for that matter, has ever wished that they would need to have full mouth reconstruction in Chatsworth. Although this really is a process that no one wants done, at least twenty percent of the people will have to have it done.

Individuals who were in mishaps that undermined their teeth can require complete mouth reconstruction. These reconstructions are also done for people who had bad teeth that finally rotted away. Many patients which have the procedure do so because they had illnesses that caused them to lose their teeth. There are many reasons for having a full mouth reconstruction, but which procedure is the one that is appropriate to have?

Options for Full Mouth Reconstruction in Chatsworth

Complete mouth dentures may be created at a comparatively low cost and pretty quickly to the individual. Dentures can usually be put in the mouth of the patient to the exact same day the natural teeth are wholly extracted. The patient will visit our office and have a mold made of their teeth. The false teeth will be created according to the form. Our dentists will make another appointment with the patient to return and also have their extractions done.

Once the patient’s teeth have been extracted, our dentists will set the false teeth within their mouth and instruct them to not remove them. The patient will likely come back to our dental clinic the next day and enable our dentists to remove the dentures and assess the mouth for possible complications. The first set of dentures the patient receives will be a set that is temporary. Following this, another group of dentures once the patient’s mouth has entirely healed will likely be essential in order for the individual to truly have a suitable fit.

Most dentures have soft linings put in them to make them fit more snugly in the individual’s mouth. They also help to avoid sores in the face rubbing sensitive tissue from forming in the mouth.

Full mouth dental implants are likewise an option for those who have to have their teeth removed. The entire mouth dental implants are different from routine dentures. These are false teeth that snap down onto a titanium stud that are attached to the jawbone.

The soft tissue of the gums is cut back to reveal the jawbone. Our dentists place the titanium device alongside the jawbone. As the incision heals the titanium is actually becoming part of the jawbone. The jawbone will actually grow across the matter that is foreign and hold it firmly in position.

The titanium implant is being strongly held by the jawbone. As well, once the fusion has happened our dentists will load the false teeth on the titanium implants. The patient will have natural looking teeth once this process in complete, allowing them to eat the foods that they have always enjoyed and smile with great confidence.

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