Full Mouth Reconstruction in Encino

You will find individuals in the Encino area who feel the importance of full mouth reconstruction in Encino because of the physical look of their teeth. These individuals may have teeth which are not correctly aligned, they may have missing teeth, or else they could have teeth which are dreadfully discolored from medications they have taken before.

Moreover, there are individuals who need complete mouth reconstruction as a result of a collision in which their received facial trauma. In fact, a lot of people who have been injured in automobile accidents will require full mouth reconstruction prior to being able to eat or speak normally again.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Requires Healthy Gums

Needless to say, a full mouth reconstruction can only be performed on a mouth which has healthy gums. Thus, if our dentists find that you are afflicted with gum disease, we will first need to cure this state prior to working performing a full mouth reconstruction. In other words, dental implants will not achieve success in gums which are riddled with disease and bacteria.

Nevertheless, for those with healthy gums, veneers can be a portion of the treatment that you get to enhance the look of your teeth. If you have worn teeth, or teeth which have been chipped and broken, then porcelain veneers can cover the teeth that are blemished and provide you with a much prettier smile.

Additionally, replacement teeth are needed by many people within their reconstruction. The use of dental implants helps individuals to get one or more teeth replaced so that they have healthier bites, prettier smiles, and improved assurance levels.

Implants require our dentists to cut through the gums to expose the jawbone. We then place a titanium bit close to the jawbone so that as the incision heals the jawbone will grow round the titanium piece. When the jawbone has fused completely with the titanium pole, a tooth can be loaded on the section that protrudes above the gum line. Dental implants do not move around in the mouth like dentures do. People who wear dental implants do not remove these implants as do those who wear dentures. The implants do not have wires that hook around other teeth like bridges and partial dentures may have. After having implants placed in the mouth, the results are teeth that operate naturally, and look natural and feel natural.

When you have implants, it is important to always use antibacterial toothpaste. Plaque will cause dental implants to become shaky and is a real enemy of them. The use of antibacterial toothpaste will decrease the level of plaque that forms in the mouth area, so it reduces your chances of getting your implant fail.

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