Full Mouth Reconstruction in Granada Hills

Full mouth reconstruction is an enormous endeavor in someone’s life. Essentially it means that each of the natural teeth is likely to be pulled, and either a dental implant is going to be added to replace each tooth, or conventional dentures are going to be utilized. Total mouth restoration is usually essential after serious injuries, and at times this work is needed due to dental disease. For Granada Hills residents, full mouth reconstruction in Granada Hills is going to require some thought.

Fortunately, the careful thought that is required by a full mouth restoration process will be done in tandem by a patient and our reconstruction dentists. After all, you must get work done that results in an appealing look and will be valuable to you. This means talking without any impediment while at the same time being able to eat and drink without any issues.

Options for Full Mouth Reconstruction in Granada Hills

People who have dental implants eat normally, they laugh without fear and they smile wider than a self-conscious person would. The one drawback is that the titanium poles must be surgically set into the jawbone, which requires time before the fusion between the titanium poles and the jawbone occurs. While some replacement teeth require fusion between the jawbone and the titanium poles prior to being added to the titanium poles, others do not.

Conversely, dentures do not permit patients to eat the things that they ate with their natural teeth such as corn on the cob, apples, or whatever needs biting down securely. The dentures may even come from their mouth, and frequently move when the individual laughs. Furthermore, with conventional dentures, many folks speak oddly after they get them while the recipient of dental implants usually speaks exactly the same after the process as the implanted teeth feel natural.

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