Full Mouth Reconstruction in San Fernando

Our teeth require that we take care of them appropriately and get them checked often by a dental professional. Such measures will help you to maintain a healthy mouth and increase your own immune system.

However, should you experience an unfortunate accident which affects your teeth, what can be done to mend them and get your smile looking back to normal? The answer is full mouth reconstruction in San Fernando.

Full mouth reconstruction is more widespread than people believe. It is used all the time and is as safe as other surgeries. Many people decide to use this surgery for various reasons in their life.

Just keep in mind that many insurance companies do not cover these kinds of surgeries. You have to take care so that you are covered in the event of an emergency when buying dental insurance. You never know when you’re going to need this kind of insurance since it is often not planned. You should always possess a plan for in case an emergency like this appears.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Requires Stages

Getting complete mouth reconstruction often occurs in stages. This means that we tend not to do it all at one time. This could take months of along with a lot of healing time and with surgeries depending on that which you have had repaired in your mouth. This can also cause other problems like sockets that are dry and that means you must know where you stand on these matters in your insurance as well. It’s almost always best to know precisely the type of coverage you have before the work begins getting underway.

Nevertheless, when full mouth reconstruction is recommended by our dentists, we will devise a treatment plan so that you can schedule around your procedures. Remember that this kind of surgery can take months to finish and get recovered from. Therefore, it is important that you allow yourself enough time off as needed. For instance, you will have a down time where you should rest your mouth and eat only soft foods. There will be many instructions to follow along with after mouth surgery and we will make sure that the communication is excellent between our dental studio and our patient.

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