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Invisalign® is a proprietary treatment that is utilized in place of metal braces. The process uses clear aligners which are placed over the teeth. Almost 50,000 professionals have been trained to use the Invisalign® treatment process since it was introduced in 2000.

The clear aligners that are worn on the teeth are almost invisible. Each aligner is worn for 20 hours a day for 14 days before they are replaced. Unlike braces, they can be taken out before meals, in order to avoid contamination with food particles. The amount of time for which the aligners will probably be worn is based on the orthodontic treatment.

With traditional metal braces, proper oral hygiene can be challenging, and metal braces can occasionally break. There is also the aesthetic factor, where those who wear metal braces can frequently be seen and be denoted by taking a mouthful of alloy.

There have been a few instances where Invisalign® treatment might not be proper, such as the tooth has not entirely surface or is obstructed. Nevertheless, the general results achieved together with the Invisalign® treatment appears to equal or surpass those of traditional metal braces.

Like any other treatment, the outcomes might not be the exact same from patient to patient, as it is based on the individual case. This includes the severity of the issue, the misalignment, along with other variables. It’s just one of the treatments offered to the orthodontist. It cannot be determined to be a one-size-fits-all remedy, and there’s a good deal of customization demanded. The sequence of the plastic aligners, along with attachments and positioning are combined in individual strategies that designed for each patient. Just like treatments for other disease may necessitate careful analysis and recommended dosing of medications, the Invisalign® process also needs diagnosing that is similar.

The dentist, on the flip side, has been trained to offer treatment and specific care of the teeth and gums. It might remain easy to forecast the results of the procedure, but progress ought to be tracked with periodic visits, where the orthodontist will carefully examine the teeth, or take images of the patient’s teeth gums, face and jaws.

Furthermore, unlike metal braces, there are no limitations on what you are permitted to eat and a very limited number of cases for the need of emergency visits when braces become disengaged. In several situations there have been temporary or slight speech defects when some metal braces were added which were noticed. This does not occur with Invisalign®. Moreover, with Invisalign® there is no distress experienced, including when braces are readjusted.

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