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Many people on earth have overbites, bites or misaligned teeth. Bunches of teenagers and younger children are given braces to correct these issues from an early phase, but sometimes these issues are only noticeable once that individual has become a grownup, having a full group of teeth. As wisdom teeth do not come through until the early-to-mid 20’s, they could cause problems to the alignment of adult teeth. In other instances, youth braces may well not have been a feasible alternative for a variety of other conditions. Nonetheless, help is at hand if you prefer to pursue a non-surgical strategy of teeth straightening: Invisible braces are available to San Fernando residents by way of Invisalign®.

Invisalign® is the name given to the type of clear plastic, practically invisible, form of braces which will straighten the wearer’s teeth without drawing on the wrong sort of attention to the wearer’s mouth that traditional braces bring. It is very difficult to determine that someone is wearing Invisalign braces, unless they have been previously told about it from the wearer.

Expectations for Invisalign® in San Fernando

In the consultation session, your dentists may take impressions of your teeth or do an x ray of them. The dentist is going to be able to use these tools to help to make a 3D computerized image to help them to assess your teeth now, and to see the method by which the treatment will change the alignment of your teeth. These impressions, x-rays and computer pictures are then going to be utilized to help create a totally unique set of Invisalign aligner braces, which you’ll be given to wear. These braces may be taken in and out by the wearer, for eating and drinking, and also to allow you to brush your teeth correctly.

During the process you will receive a preliminary consultation with our trained dentists, who will have a way to determine if these braces can assist you, while considering which treatment strategies will provide the best results in your unique case.

You will have to revisit the dentist often to get a brand new set of custom-made aligners, because each aligner acts as an additional step in the alignment procedure. This functions in the same way if you had been wearing a regular pair of metal braces as tightening would do. These aligners are working to slowly realign your teeth to allow you to achieve the best smile. Based on the type of alignment that is occurring, and taking into account unique situation in your alignment process, you’ll probably need to go to the dentist every 4 – 6 weeks until the conclusion of your course of treatment, when your teeth should be perfectly re-aligned.

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