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Who wouldn’t love to show off a pearly white smile? Unfortunately, very few of us are blessed with a perfect one. If you are depressed about your dental defects and would like to alter how you look, you will benefit from what our restoration dentists in Chatsworth can do for your smile.

Restorative dentistry can completely alter your smile by correcting imperfections of your teeth. Apart from a smile makeover, restorative dentistry also deals with the care of teeth and healthy gums. There are various kinds of restorative dental procedures a dentist applies based in the conditions of the teeth as well as the gums. The type of process that is acceptable in your case is determined solely by our skilled dentists who evaluate the extent of injury to the teeth, and select an appropriate process for correcting it. Below are a few of the restorative dentistry procedures that we generally utilize for smile correction.

Four Restoration Dentist Procedures

1. Dental implants: These are a form of artificial teeth which are used for replacing broken or damaged ones. Dental implants are generally placed in your jawbone permanently. They look like your natural teeth and function in the same manner as well.

2. Crowns: Jacket Crowns, just like implants, are employed for filling in gaps between two teeth. These crowns are either made up of porcelain or a variety of teeth-fortifying materials that dentists use. Crowns are used to get various functions – to cover the defects in teeth, to restore a broken tooth to its regular shape and size, as well as for strengthening poor teeth. Thus, if you have discolored or badly shaped teeth, dental crowns would function as the suitable alternative for you.

3. Bridges: With this option, our dentists utilize bridges to connect adjacent teeth where there is a missing tooth between the two. As such, the entire dental set reinforces and holds the adjoining teeth totally. We utilize use various sorts of fix the bridges and cementing substances for making the bridges. It remains intact for quite a while without causing any sort of inconvenience to the patient.

4. Dentures: Dentures are utilized by patients who wouldn’t mind implants or false removable teeth. There are several patients who lose some of the teeth and need partial dentures; there are others that are prescribed a complete set of dentures.

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