Sedation Dentists in Granada Hills

The term “sedation dentistry” describes using sedatives during dental procedures. Throughout the whole process, the patient is not going to experience stress or pain due to the fact that sedatives are utilized by our sedation dentists in Granada Hills.

During sedation, you the patient will remain entirely conscious. With regards to kind and the type of sedative used, slight drowsiness may be felt by the individual so be aware of the fact that you will should have someone accompany you to this visit to drive you home.

Sedation does not have any side effects that are serious. The single side effect is the fact that the individual may experience some tiredness or a lethargic feeling for a couple of hours following the process. Nonetheless, this is not a serious problem as this feeling slowly goes away.

While sedation dentistry is an extremely safe process and may be invaluable for you in the event that you are afraid of dental procedures, particular attention needs to be taken by those who do avail themselves of sedation dentists in Granada Hills. For instance, it is best to avoid alcoholic drinks before and following the process.

Sedations Dentists in Granada Hills Have Options

You should also be aware of the different kinds of dental sedatives that are available depending on your specific situation. Specifically, the amount of dental stress that is experienced should be considered.

For example, if the patient is afraid of needles, then sedation by IV is generally going to be out of the question. The good news is the average sedatives are often available and given in the form of pills. However, because they take time to act, they may be given one hour prior to the process. Of course, in patients that have an anxiety about needles, oral administration is a much better alternative.

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