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For many people, even a trip to the dentist’s very idea is enough to cause a feeling of panic. Many folks are so scared of the dentist that they put off making appointments or frequently cancel. This is dangerous because neglecting to go to the dentist can cause serious problems for your teeth. Infrequent check-ups can cause tooth decay resulting in painful and more costly processes like fillings or root canals.

Should you fall under the category of individuals who have a phobia of the dentist, sedation dentists in Northridge might be right for you.

What exactly is sedation dentistry?

Additionally called sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry allows patients to be rested during dental procedures and in many cases, the patient falls asleep. Sedation dentistry permits the patient to be totally comfortable and free of stress during routine dental procedures. Often during sedation aided procedures, the patient is awake but drowsy and pretty oblivious of what is happening. Throughout that time, a team tracks the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure very closely.

Dentists who utilize slumber dentistry will have their patients take a pill an hour or two before the procedure takes place. This often requires that the patient is driven to the appointment where the dentist works on the teeth of the patient who is awake but relaxed and unafraid. Once the dental procedure has been completed, individual is subsequently driven home.

Sedation dentistry can be used for almost any dental procedure. As such, our sedation dentists Northridge put our patients in a relaxed state, so while being worked on, they experience less anxiety.

Are Sedation Dentists in Northridge For Me?

Several folks can benefit from sedation dentistry. It is sometimes used on children, both young and old, who have an extreme fear of the dentist or who are not able to hold still while the dentist is working.

If any of the following apply to you, you might be a great candidate for sedation dentistry:

a. You do not make dental appointments or cancel them because you are afraid of going to the dentist or do not enjoy
b. You wait until you’re in pain to go to the dentist.
c. Drills, shots, and other dental tools cause you to panic or frighten you.
d. You do not see the dentist often because you are afraid it might cause pain.

You have not seen a dentist in years, even though you know that you should.

An abnormal fear of the dentist even over little procedures like cleanings often result in more serious issues for the patient down the road. Our sedation dentists in Northridge make it so that dental procedures are not as distressing or frightening for people who have a phobia of the dentist.

In the event that you are feeling like sedation dentistry is best for you, give us a call at (818) 368-8522 or request an appointment on the upper right of this page. Our team will be happy to go over your choices with you as well as get you on your way to a healthy smile.

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