Sedation Dentistry

Visiting the dentist is a cause of stress for many people or can even incite panic. If this scenario is recognizable to you, sedation dentistry may be a good option for you. Learn more by consulting our experts in sedation dentistry at Porter Ranch Dental Studio in regards to the alternatives that are available.

What is associated?

Learning what will work best for you entails many variables before reaching a decision. By working with our sedation dentists at Porter Ranch Dental Studio, we will provide you with treatment options and help tailor a comprehensive personalized plan for you.

For instance, it is common to administer sedatives through the IV or intravenous approach, which include injecting medications into the veins of hand or arm. However, needles can also trigger stress, which is why we also offer a needleless approach. Oral administration of medications can also provide similar sedative effects. In addition, we also provide nitrous oxide as an adjunct to add additional comfort. Once you decide on a treatment plan, our dentists at Porter Ranch Dental Studio will be able to take you through each stage of the process – from the day prior to the treatment to the minute you head back home.

Prior to treatment, it is mandatory to not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to the appointment with exception of small sips of water with medication. You will also require an escort who will be able to give you a ride to and from the office. This is necessary because some may feel sedated for several hours following the sedation process before the effects wear off.

Our sedation dentists at Porter Ranch Dental Studio will ensure that you have a comfortable dental experience. Having said this, there are risks to taking sedatives for some patients. Thus, it is extremely important for the dentist to obtain a medical history in advance. Details including dietary customs and lifestyle choices should be provided in the consultation since some sedatives may respond a particular way to food supplements, vitamins, smoking or drinking. After reviewing your medical history, the dentist will determine the proper sedation technique for you.

Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

Extended procedures including cosmetic dentistry or dental operations that last over one hour may appear to just take several minutes for the individual under sedation. In addition, the amount of dental appointments can be reduced since patients are able to tolerate more procedures while sedated.

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