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Possessing shiny white teeth make an individual more attractive. Once we drop our baby teeth, our long term ones start out to be brilliantly white. Someplace down the road, however, they come to be yellow and discolored thereby surrendering their eye-catching original color and becoming a grayish-yellow. Individuals who want to keep the bright smile generated by clean white teeth turn to teeth whitening through either items purchased from the store or by having their teeth whitened expertly by a teeth whitening dental professional.

Doing several easy things can slows down the speed at which teeth darken. The first is brushing. The light abrasive activity through the application of toothpaste and a toothbrush acts to get rid of spots collected prior to cleaning.

However, those wanting to lighten their teeth vigorously can select from a wide range of dental procedures, surface whiteners, and bleaching solutions. Surface and bleaching whiteners take some time before teeth become visibly whiter. However, processes like laser whitening on the flip side can produce results as soon as one hour. Nevertheless, it is extremely important before trying to whiten teeth unnaturally to speak with a dentist. There are considerable risks of which most individuals are not aware of and these can cause lots of grief down the road.

What Makes Teeth Whitening Necessary?

The color of teeth naturally changes as they age. As such, it does not mean that someone with teeth that are yellowish is not diligent when caring for her or his teeth, nor does it mean the individual has a health problem that is dental. Light grayish-yellowish teeth are not out of the ordinary. Visually, the color of someone’s skin can likewise make teeth seem darker.

Specific dental problems also can cause darkening. Tartar is an example with this. The spot may even be beneath the surface as an effect of tiny cracks of the tooth. Specific antibiotics also can cause the teeth to transform into a darker color as a result of the interaction between the antibiotics and the tooth’s chemical parts.

Among the significant reasons are food spots. Specific food or beverages like tea leaves, red wine, black currant, and coffee cause spots on the teeth. Through build-up over time, the teeth darken. Using tobacco products, whether smoked or ingested, additionally results in spots in the teeth.

The good news is that this discoloration can be reversed right in our dental studios. Call us at (818) 368-8522 or simply request an appointment at the top right of the screen.

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