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A Significant Restoration of Health and Wellbeing

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Total Full Arch Replacement, All In-House

Multiple failing or missing teeth can pose significant problems for patients, both physically and emotionally. If you have multiple tooth loss or missing teeth in a whole arch, you have the option to replace all your teeth with full arch dental implants. Unlike conventional dentures or even implant supported dentures, full arch dental implants restore the three vital parts of your smile—health, function, and beauty. With a full replacement of these three aspects, most patients experience a dramatic improvement in their health and wellbeing and a total restoration of their ability to eat, speak, and smile with comfort and confidence. With your comprehensive care completed all in-office, your dental implants can be placed and restored by our experienced and specialized dentist, B. Phan, D.D.S.

How Do Full Arch Dental Implants Work?

Full arch dental implants rely on anywhere from two to eight dental implants, surgically placed in the jaw bone, to create stability and healthy stimulation to the jaw. Due to the precise placement of the dental implants, full arch dental implants help distribute biting and chewing force evenly around the jaw. These implants are also permanently secured to your jaw bone, maximizing the amount of existing jaw bone and eliminating the need for preliminary bone grafting for many patients. Once fully healed and restored, your new teeth are taken care of much like natural teeth, with proper at-home oral care and routine dental hygiene appointments.

The Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

When comparing full-arch tooth replacement, full arch dental implants have unrivaled long-term benefits. As a permanent replacement to full-arch tooth loss, full arch dental implants are one of the best ways our patients can restore total oral health and smile aesthetics.



Dental implants replace missing teeth, and that includes the tooth roots. The dental implant posts placed into the jaw bone provide the same type of stimulation to the bone that natural teeth do during biting and chewing. This keeps the jaw bone strong and healthy, reducing or eliminating any further bone recession.



Full arch dental implants both replace a full arch of missing or failing teeth and are secured in place with dental implants. This full-arch support enables patients to bite, chew, and speak as though they still had a full set of healthy and natural teeth. The superior strength and functionality restore nearly full biting and chewing power.



Full arch dental implants are designed with the most advanced materials to create the most natural-looking and feeling denture or prosthesis. The full-arch prosthesis is symmetrical, customized to your face and smile, and aesthetically white and straight. They are also stain and cavity resistant and can last for a lifetime, with proper care.

Am I a candidate for full arch dental implants?

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